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Solar PV Systems

Solar PV Systems

Solar electricity systems, also known as solar photovoltaics (PV) capture the sun's energy using photovoltaic cells. These cells don't need direct sunlight to work- they can still generate some electricity on a cloudy day. The cells convert the sunlight into electricity, which can be used to run household appliances and lighting.

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Domestic Solar PV Systems

Domestic Solar PV Systems are based on the size of system which best suits the individual household, with the maximum size on single phase connection of 4kW of PV, which is 16 x 250W solar modules.

Guide Price for domestic systems are shown in table below, with there annual and 20year returns based on 50% consumption and 50% export to the grid.



Yearly Return

20year Return



 £   900

 £ 24,000



 £ 1,125

 £ 30,000



 £ 1,350

 £ 36,000



Commercial Solar PV Systems

Commercial Solar PV Systems are often based on the size of system which best suits the business, but can offer a very good investment as a standalone system, feeding directly into the grid. There is no maximum size, but this can often be determined by the location relative to 3-phase power lines. Commercial systems can be installed on cattle shed, poultry sheds, commercial workshops and warehouses, and also ground mounted if there is no buildings available, or they are not south facing.

Guide Price for Commercial systems are shown in table below, with there annual and 20year returns based on 50% consumption and 50% export to the grid.



Yearly Returns

20Year Return


 £ 12,500

 £   2,250

 £   58,750


 £ 22,000

 £   4,500

 £ 121,500


 £ 42,000

 £ 11,500

 £ 310,000





Costs, savings and maintenance
  • the more electricity the system can generate, the more it costs but the more it could save
  • larger systems are usually more cost-effective than smaller systems
  • You get paid NIROC's for every unit(kWh) the system generates, even if you dont use it, plus you use electricity for free when its generating, and you get paid for seling the surplus.
  • Lifespan of systems can be excess of 25years.



A 6.0kWp system can generate up to 5,000 kilowatt hours of electricity a year - that's over what a typical household's electricity needs -and will save over a 2 tonne of carbon dioxide every year,

If your system is eligible for the Feed-In Tariff scheme it could generate savings and income of nearly £1,350per year - you will get paid for both the electricity you generate and use, and what you don't use and export to the grid. If you know your system size, you can get a tailored estimate for your system using the Energy Saving Trust Cash back Calculator .


Solar PV needs little maintenance - you'll just need to keep the panels relatively clean and make sure trees don't begin to overshadow them. The panels should last 25 years or more, but the inverter is likely to need replacing some time during this period, at a current cost of around £1,000.

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